About us

We are excited about cycling and committed to supporting cycling community. Over the years, we've seen cycle clubs building their own web sites, with varying degrees of success. Building a useful web site boils down to resources, regardless of industry. Cycling communities sometimes have access to volunteer programmer (or programmers) that can build sophisticated web sites. However, a successful club web site requires upkeep, bug fixes, ongoing improvements and customer support with things outside programmers' control, such as failed payments. And for volunteers, maintaining club's web site comes secondary to family and professional obligations. Because cycling community served by a single club's web site is relatively small, it makes little sense to invest time and effort necessary to create a full-featured, polished product.

MyCycle.Club is both our passion and our job

After working in the corporate IT world for two decades, Victor U. (that is me in photo above) decided to fill the void and create a sufficiently generic yet extensible and customizable cycling club web site. As a cyclist, an active member of a large cycling club, and a full stack software developer, I have the requisite programming expertise as well as knowledge of how large cycling club functions. MyCycle.Club was born from the combination of the two.

As a company, we aim to provide software-as-service product that is laser focused on cyclists' unique needs, at a reasonable cost. We realize that cycling clubs (and less formal groups) are heavily dependent on volunteer labor. However, we also know that it takes months of work by a dedicated, highly qualified development team to create a product with features like those on MyCycle.Club, which puts custom development out of reach for all but largest and most dedicated organization. And while there are businesses providing features similar to ours, such services are piecemeal, and they are not free, with costs adding up. At this time, MyCycle.Club is the only fully integrated, cycling specific service platform available.

We listen to you

Because subscription fees is our only source of revenue, we pay extra attention to feedback and strive to continuously improve our service. We do not sell personal data, advertise or track users through our web site. This is intentional. Part of it is a personal belief in privacy's importance, but we also see just how much advertising and tracking networks slow web sites down. And a slow web site makes for poor service.